We Launched Our New Website Design!

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Dot Consulting New Website Design

We are excited to share with you the launch of our newly redesigned website as we now celebrate our 25th anniversary in business. We’ve been doing Graphic Design since 1994 and got into the Website Design business in 1998. We are proud to serve businesses of all kind, and we hope to be helpful to your business as well, whether it will be through this new blog or with our digital design services.

Back and forth with WordPress


In those 21 years, we’ve been doing website design; we have changed our website’s look many times. We went back and forth between using WordPress and custom hardcoded site. After several years without WordPress, we decided it’s time to give it another look. With the advancements in WordPress, it is now effortless to make stunning designs in a much shorter time, while keeping the web page load times reasonable. So why not take advantage of its power, flexibility, ease of use, and the fantastic community behind this open-source software.

The technology keeps evolving

Evolving Digital Technology

The technology is continuously changing and moving forward. It is crucial to keep up with the progress, take advantage of the newly available technologies, and update/upgrade your website frequently. If you haven’t made a significant update on your website in several years, you need to look into it. It means you might be falling behind and losing some business. If you need help any help in that regard, please contact us and let’s see how we can help you.

Making it easier for you to get to know us

With this redesign, we are primarily trying to make it quick, and easy for you to find the information you’re looking for, with minimum distraction. That way, you can see right away how we can help your business gain an edge over your competition in the worldwide web. We have many skills that you can take advantage of so make sure you check our services page.

Going Forward

Going forward, we will continue posting great tips, useful tricks, news, and updates not just about website design, but also about graphic design, search engine optimization, digital imaging, online security, and much more. We hope you will find our website and this blog helpful enough to keep coming back.

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Robert Dobes
Robert Dobes
I’m a Web Designer / Graphic Designer, and I specialize in developing high-quality professional websites, Also with SEO, website marketing, and product photography you can get everything you need for your online and offline business presence.

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The Dot can do SEO
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