SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We make every website with the user in mind first.  However, if there’s no user, nothing on the website matters and that’s where our Search Engine Optimization comes into play which helps you drive all the visitors to your website.

So what is SEO?

SEO is the process of creating or optimizing your website in a way which increases the chances of ranking higher in search results and thus getting more traffic from the organic “free,” search engine listings.

The Dot can do SEO

We make every website Search Engine Ready

it includes:

Website Architecture for SEO

Website Architecture

We structure every website to ensure we meet your business goals while delivering excellent user experience. You'll get search engine friendly architecture to improve your website accessibility and indexing.

Responsive Design for SEO

Responsive Design

All websites we design are capable of rendering content and the design depending on the device or screen size of the visitor to ensure their best experience no matter how they access your website.

Modern Coding for SEO

Modern Coding

Search engine bots view websites through the code and not through a browser as we do; therefore, we make sure the code is clean, smooth for the bot to crawl, and up-to-date.

Page Speed for SEO

Page Speed

If your website doesn't show content within 2 seconds, you are likely losing visitors and potential customers. Therefore, we use techniques to ensure fast load times, and as a result, you can get your message to the visitor as quickly as possible. Consequently, your website has a better chance to succeed.

Social Media Integration

Social Media

We will connect your website with your social media accounts to furthermore increase your website's reach. Contrary to many people's beliefs, social media isn't a search engine ranking factor. However, it is an essential part of reaching out to your audience and creating different channels to drive traffic to your website.

XML Site Maps for Search Engines

Site Map

We always create and submit your site map to search engines. As a result, it is pointing search engines to those pages you consider good-quality content thus increase the chances that search engine will index and position it well in search engine results.

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Why Use Us?

With over 25 years of experience and many satisfied clients, we know what it takes to succeed in this complex digital age. Creating a website, these days, is very easy with the use of the many available tools, but the key is to know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to identify problem areas and find the best possible solution, and everything we do will have its purpose, so you don’t waste time and money on things that don’t work.